Dress Code Policy 2019-2020

Lake Shore Middle School SY 19-20 Dress Code Policy
Posted on 08/03/2018
Dress for Success

Lake Shore Middle School SY 19-20 Dress Code Policy

School is a student’s place of business and appropriate dress is required throughout the school day.  The primary responsibility for the personal appearance of students rests with the students and parents.  Students are expected to come to come to school with proper attention to personal cleanliness, grooming, and neatness of dress.


Polo-style long or short sleeve – solid red, white, or black colored shirts with buttons
No writing or designs allowed
Long or short sleeve – button down business shirt (white only)
A shirt logo is allowed but must be on the front in the top left or right-hand corne
r of the shirt and less than 3x3 inches in size.  Logos cannot be worn on the sleeves or the back of the shirt.
Shirts must completely cover the underarms, abdomen, back shoulders, midriff, chest, and cleavage at all times while sitting or standing.
Undergarments must be covered at all times and shall not be seen through outer garments.
When the weather is exceptionally cold students are encouraged to layer clothes underneath their school uniform.
Only Lake Shore Middle School t-shirts may be worn.acceptable vs unacceptable attire


Docker style pants, knee-length shorts, knee-length skirts, knee-length skorts, and capris – navy blue or khaki
No pants with oversized pockets
All bottoms must fit properly and be worn at the natural waist with a belt.
No jeans!


A jacket with a zipper (no hood) or sweater (no hood or pullovers) may be worn.

No writing or designs are allowed; the logo must be less than 3x3 inches in size located on the front corner in the top left or right corner of the jacket or sweater.


Closed toed shoes and sneakers must be worn at all times.


Students will be allowed to use mesh or clear book bags.mesh vs clear backpacks

Parents are requested to play an active role in the enforcement of this policy.